Capital TRUST Residencies (Pvt.) Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of Capital TRUST Holdings Limited.

The subsidiary companies of Capital TRUST Holdings Limited include:

Stock Broking
Capital TRUST Securities (Pvt.) Ltd., a leading stock-broking company in the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) in terms of local brokerage turnover since 2003
Wealth Management
Capital TRUST Wealth Management (Pvt.) Ltd., a licenced asset management company
Margin Trading
Capital TRUST Credit (Pvt.) Ltd., a licenced margin trading company with the largest client portfolio in Sri Lanka
Corporate Finance
Capital TRUST Partners (Pvt.) Ltd.
Foreign Markets Trading
Capital TRUST Global Markets (Pvt.) Ltd.
Capital TRUST Research (Pvt.) Ltd., Fundamental equity and economic research company
Real Estate Solutions
Property Development
Capital TRUST Residencies (Pvt) Ltd.
Information Technology
Capital TRUST Technologies (Pvt) Ltd., a leading software and mobile solutions provider
Shakthi Institute, Leader in English Medium O/L & A/L support education institute